Its been a while…


Its been a while since we put a post out, but a lot has happened since we last posted..

The Camera world is in the midst of the full frame wars, Canon, Nikon and Sony are all promoting new D-SLR cameras with full 35mm frame sensors aimed at the serious enthusiast and prices are sharp.. even as recent as 6 months ago, a full frame D-SLR camera with lens for under 5 grand (nz dollars) was pretty much unthinkable, but with the announcement of the Nikon D600, Canon 6D and Sony’s SLT-A99, its now a reality….

 The other battleground where the photographic industry is fighting hard is the Mirrorless segment, the Main combatants have been Sony with their NEX line and Olympus and Panasonic with the PEN and LUMIX G range of micro 4/3 cameras respectively. 

  Panasonic had set the bar high with the Lumix GH2 and Sony countered with the NEX-7. Olympus joined the high end Mirrorless battle with the stunningly retro, but top spec’d OM-D EM-5. The OM-D delivers on its looks with superb performance and all weather handling thanks to the all alloy construction that is weather sealed. No doubt Olympus tugged at nostalgia with the revival of the OM nomenclature and classic OM-1 style of the OM-D, but they have also blown away the nay-sayers with superb Image quality. (pics will follow)


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