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A common question i get asked is what accessories do i recommend for a new camera and what order should i buy them in? This question depends on the camera, if a compact camera, then case, screen protectors are the first and most important ones, then a tripod would be high on the list too. […]

A Common question we often get asked by customers, especially customers who are moving into mirrorless or D-SLR cameras is ‘can i only use the same brand accessories such as lenses, flashes etc on my new camera?’     The simple answer to this is no. The long answer is no, there are many companies who […]

New Cameras are being announced all the time, and it over the last 3 or 4 years it has been rather interesting to note many of the ‘modern designs’ are very retro and throwbacks to classic cameras of the past, much like in the automotive world where some of the most talked about cars pay […]

Having been a part of the retail photographic scene for over a decade, i have been through probably the biggest upheaval in the industry ever thanks to the digital revolution.  The current trend for photography, is the virtual  replacement of consumer digital cameras with ever improving mobile device cameras.   Cell phones have taken a huge […]