The Changing ways of photography


Having been a part of the retail photographic scene for over a decade, i have been through probably the biggest upheaval in the industry ever thanks to the digital revolution.  The current trend for photography, is the virtual  replacement of consumer digital cameras with ever improving mobile device cameras.   Cell phones have taken a huge chunk out of compact digital cameras thanks to android and iOS. These smartphones have radically improved the useability of cameras with better interfaces being designed.

  But the other trend in mobile photography has been with tablets such as the iPad and Android powered Tablets like Samsung’s Galaxy range or the Asus Transformer range of tablets. These very powerful tools allow users to not only capture images, but edit them with one of many different apps available for download then post them to social media sites like facebook, Google+ or photo sharing sites like flikr or photobucket.

  I have just started using a tablet myself, and it is awesome, i have Photoshop Touch from Adobe and it is amazingly powerful for a tablet app, you can do some awesome things with it, You can do all your basic things like cropping, conversion to black and white, sharpening etc, but you can also add layers to images, and even add different photos as layers.

But the biggest possible change is Android powered cameras, Samsung have launched the Galaxy camera, powered by Android 4.x it is a fully featured digital camera with optical zoom lens packed into the shell of the Galaxy S smartphone, Other manufacturers such as Nikon have android powered cameras proving that Android is not only dominant in the smart phone wars but totally adaptable to other devices.

  Yes i am going to say it, i always thought that i would carry a small cheap compact camera with me when i go out, but my smartphone is starting to take over that pocket camera requirement. Im still looking at a compact, but it will be something a bit better that i will be able to use more in depth.. something like Pentax’s new MX-1 or if a lottery win comes my way, Sony’s RX-1

One Response to “The Changing ways of photography”

  1. So true but I still like Raw capture and making the images beyond 8×10 I really like the canon s100 thank for your insightful post

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