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As part of our optic department here at Southern Cameras, we stock a range of binoculars and field scopes. We can also supply the range of bino’s from Leica, Swarovski, Steiner, Burris, Canon, Nikon and others. Our range covers sizes from purse pack to giant ones and prices from $90 (NZD) to buy a car […]

I quite often get asked for tips on how to take photo’s, I do lots of action/sports photography, so i get asked how do i get the images i do. One of my biggest tips is have an interest in what you are photographing, its easier to get good images if you are interested in […]

Quite often when get customers purchasing a new camera and when sorting accessories we go through the list, Screen protector, memory cards, spare batteries, and a case/bag. It still surprises me that many customers dont go for a case. The common answer i get is i will just put it in my pocket/handbag or wrap […]