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One of our unique departments here at Southern Cameras is our Telescope/Astronomy department.  This department has been around almost as long as we have,  it was started by the previous owner who had a lifelong passion for Astronomy. Over the years the range of telescopes available has increased dramatically and they are becoming a lot […]

Part 2 of what to do is all about displaying images. From my experiences, 90% of digital photos never see the light of day, maybe a post of social media or a screen saver and thats it.  There are many ways to display digital images. Social media such as facebook are the prime places, but […]

I often get customers asking about what is the best way to store digital images, what program should they use to organise/edit photos, and whats the best way to print my pictures. I am going to tackle this one over a couple of posts as all those questions deserve an answer on their own. First […]