Displaying images


Part 2 of what to do is all about displaying images.

From my experiences, 90% of digital photos never see the light of day, maybe a post of social media or a screen saver and thats it.  There are many ways to display digital images.

Social media such as facebook are the prime places, but there are also sites such as flikr, photobucket and fotki that offer free storage of images that allow people to show off their family/holiday snaps to the world. These sites are fantastic, but one problem could be a possibility some graphic designer/art director could find the image and use it royalty free for some campaign. I personally on my social media photos put a big disclaimer on the site to say that any image contained in the pages is my property and not for use without express written consent to use them.

The other great way of showing off photos is the classic form of printing them.  I hear you saying oh its so expensive to print them, especially when i have 500+ from my holiday… Here is the big trick to printing in the digital age.. there are places to print images where standard 6×4 prints are as little as 12c each on special or 20c per print, and you dont have to print them all, most labs now have kiosks where you can sit down and choose the pictures you want to print and how many of each image and in as little as 25 minutes you have your holiday pic ready to put in albums.

Albums i hear you say, yes albums, i know they are old fashioned, but the good thing is there are still a lot of choices for putting prints into albums, personally, i go for a really old fashioned bound album with plain black pages and then i use dry mounts to place each print on the page. I like the plain page albums because it allows me to print different sizes and put them into the album.  When i album my images, i do an album for specific subjects, for personal things i have 1 album, for random stuff another album. But if i am at an airshow, or a motorsport event, that one event gets a special album as i know i will be taking hundreds if not thousands of images over the course of the event.
The other big part of printing, is many home printers print amazing quality images now too, these can be expensive when you consider the cost of the ink tanks and paper stocks together. But they are excellent prints too.

Traditional Silver Halide ‘wet lab’ prints are still by far and away the best quality, but companies such as Fujifilm, HP and Canon working on new technology ‘dry labs’ that use inkjet technology such as you find in your home printer that are beginning to deliver high quality prints in the speed of a traditional ‘wet lab’ but without the need to have running water and dangerous chemicals onsite.

The other great way to display photos, is to get images printed in bigger sizes, many labs can print upto A0 poster size or put onto canvas or photo blocks. These make great gifts and great art pieces to show off  on the walls at home.

I have always thought printing to be the best way of keeping photos, especially the most precious ones the longest. We know that prints will be around for decades, there are photographs that have survived 100+ years still around.



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