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So you purchased a brand new DSLR or EVIL camera, you have been happily taking pics for a while now and everything has been going really well, so easy infact you are wondering why people get scared of such cameras.  Fast forward a little bit, and you have just downloaded a set of pictures from […]

Ok so you want to use your home printer to print out some of those holiday pics for an album. First question is, do you have an inkjet printer or Multifunction at home? If yes, that is a big start, how many ink tanks does it hold?  many use multiple tanks, and some use as […]

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Shooting Movies with D-SLR cameras has revolutionized the film world. Cameras like Canon’s EOS 5D Mk II have made it affordable for movie makers on a less than tiny budget to get a camera that captures video in full High Defininition with variable frame rates and also the ability to change lenses for different scene […]

The Digital revolution has not only changed the way we take photographs, but also the way we capture, edit and view movies/videos. To shoot video 10-15 years ago, it was all recorded onto tape, and it required a heavy investment in equipment to do any editing. With the arrival of digital video cameras, tape was […]