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Camera Lust


As photographers, many of us wont admit a problem…. Gear Lust, we always see something bigger better faster nicer than the gear we already own and wish we had it. I guess the marketing departments of most photographic companies do a fantastic job then if this is the case, if we don’t lust after the […]

People often observe my shooting and say/ask….  You have a DSLR camera, and your always taking pics you must be good, do you do pro work.   I more often than not reply with, i do the odd bit of pro work, but im not a full on pro.  One problem i see with the […]



Why is this article called Legacy, i will explain shortly, but first a little history…. Back in the day, when interchangable len s cameras became popular, they nearly all used a common 42mm screw thread, and cameras like the Leica III series or Kodak Retina’s                     […]

Olympus have been on the money with their Micro 4/3 range of cameras, the Pen series and the OM-D have all hit the spot perfectly in terms of features vs price. Unfortunately due to very aggressive marketing of the low end D-SLR cameras, one Pen model flies under the radar in terms of specs vs […]