Camera Lust


As photographers, many of us wont admit a problem…. Gear Lust, we always see something bigger better faster nicer than the gear we already own and wish we had it.

I guess the marketing departments of most photographic companies do a fantastic job then if this is the case, if we don’t lust after the latest and greatest or get green with envy if we see someone with something shinier, better, more expensive than we have, the marketing departments haven’t done their job.

Me, i shoot Sony Alpha gear, and to be upfront, i got the lower of the middle of the road gear, not saying its not nice, its a damn nice camera that does what i want it too and i love it, but i want the top dog in the park, id love to pull an A99 with Zeiss glass out of my bag but at this point in time its a dream. I think if that happened, i had a top of the line DSLR id still be looking at people with maybe Leica’s or Medium format gear and lusting after that…

Canon for a long time held the honor of producing the most expensive lens in the world, the EF 1200mm f5.6 L USM cost over 100 grand US, and was a monster, absolute camera porn for Canon users, until the Germans built a couple of one off lenses .

Leica have built what is considered the most expensive lens in the world for a Middle Eastern client, the 1600mm f5.6 APO-TELYT-R is designed to fit Leica’s R series SLR cameras, and the one off cost over $2 million US dollars..

Carl Zeiss also built a monster lens for a client in Qatar, a 1700mm f4 lens to fit Hasselblad C series medium formats.. This lens is officially the biggest lens manufactured for photographic cameras, as per the pic its huge, and has a 200kg+ weight, but cost wise, only Zeiss and the Client know what it actually cost to develop and build.

Both lenses are at this point one offs, rumor has it that the customer for the Leica lens went to Mercedes-Benz and had a custom 4WD vehicle built to transport and mount it.

Most photographers Lust after the pro gear,  like the big Canon’s, Nikons, Hasselblads, Mamiya/Phase One cameras,  and all the top level lenses to go with them…  Some lust after having totally unique gear, and it doesnt seem to matter if you have hundreds of dollars of  camera gear or hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of camera gear, we all lust after something a little more special.

Comic George Carlin once said in a standup routine about the ten commandments and im going to paraphrase it to keep the quote G rated, Greed and Envy are good for the economy, if your neighbour gets product x thats bigger better faster flashier than yours you want it too, so greed and envy are good!


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