Taking portraits


Portrait photographs, taking pictures of people posing or doing things.  This has been a cornerstone of the art form since the first cameras were created in the early 1800’s. Portraits can be many things,  simple picture for a book cover, a group portrait for a sports team, through to glamour photographs. Many people find getting a good portrait photo a tough challenge, this can be for many many different reasons. I’m not going to try and figure out every one of them, but try and offer a couple of little tricks that I have found to help me when doing  portraits/people photos. One of my biggest dislikes about portrait photos is i generally find them to be boring so i’m not engaged with my subjects. The main reason is most people want very formal type stand in one pose, get a picture and it all looks very boring and this regimented style of photography does nothing for me.

558483_263992673703739_913175749_n For me,  i like to have fun, so if i am photographing a formal event such as a ball where everyone lines up with their partner and gets a pic or two taken. I find having the camera on a tripod and not moving anywhere places a big barrier between you and the people you are photographing so it makes communication easier not stepping out from a tripod to get people to do something, and it makes it easier to have a little fun with your subjects.

People tend to relax more when there are no big barriers between you, and also if you can move around they will move too.

540124_262923027144037_323226348_n One other thing i like to do with groups and portraits, is use props. The couple on the left stood 558479_262923047144035_502425081_n there, and yes its a pretty picture but that is all it is, yet the same couple in the pic on the right using the props, are having fun and yes its still a pretty picture, but there is more to it.  I have a few things i put down around my setup, then encourage people to use them, a picture frame, creates some fun images, as does adding things like a small parasol umbrella, or anything small, light that can be picked up and used.

393529_263011897135150_959493867_n       Bigger groups of say 4 or more people can be really fun, yes its nice to get a pic of you and your friends standing together looking sharp, but again, it is just a picture of some people standing around, i like to encourage people to do something different, like the 2 groups below, poses and doing different things really highlight people having fun.







Portraits and group pictures do not have to be boring, have fun, encourage your subjects to do different things and their fun will come through in the pics


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