Mobile Photography


This is an interesting area of photography, its developing rapidly, and getting more interesting all the time.

Mobile photography refers to using a mobile phone as a photographic device, when mobile phones started gaining cameras they were to put it simply, junk. I remember looking at pics from old phones and they just looked bad, i remember one that claimed to have a 2 megapixel camera, but in reality it was like 0,2 megapixels the images were that bad.

Fast forward a few years and camera units in mobile devices have evolved rapidly to the point where now they produce some gorgeous results, have good quality lenses, and most now even have Auto Focus and many also now have flashes.

Its really interesting to note that many people are now not even taking a camera away on holiday with them, smart phones, tablets are constant companions for people, so they are using those while away on holiday. I can see the advantages of using a tablet or smartphone as a travel camera, but for me its a quick snap thing,  ill use mine for snaps but i will still take a decent camera away with me to get the most important images.

Undoubtedly the leaders in the mobile race are Apple and Samsung with the iPhone and Galaxy S ranges respectively. These and other smartphones and tablets like the iPad and Galaxy tablets have seen a rapid race for improving quality of the cameras, plus with their software apps already installed, and access to social media like instagram and facebook, a user can take a snap and have it uploaded in mere minutes for all the world to see.

I will admit, i was never a smartphone photography fan, i used to think that if you wanted good pics, get a decent camera, but over the last 12 months, i have seen more and more really nice pics that were taken with smart phones.

As a photographer, i prefer my D-SLR camera for the majority of what i do, but if i am out with friends or don’t have my DSLR with me, my iPhone takes good enough pics for me to actually get nice prints upto A4 size. Now before anyone gets up in arms and starts yelling blasphemy about my next comment stop and think about it.  I have an iPhone, use a macbook as my everyday computer at home, but i also own and use a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. yes i can here the apple fanboys screaming in agony, but here is why i went with the Galaxy tab over an iPad.

I had been looking at tablets for a while, the tablet has become a great tool for me as a photographer, i hold my portfolio on it, but i also use it as a paperless office when i am out doing photo jobs. The note allows me to get release forms signed and actually get a signature and pic attached to each form without using about 10 different apps to do it. The note also has photoshop touch installed as a standard app which again, allows me to do basic things right there and then to images.

That last point is especially important to remember, the back camera is pretty darn good, it has AF and flash, so i can take really nice pics, see them in a decent size to review them and then edit and post them straight away.

The cool thing, is now your not stuck with the basic camera on the device, there are now add on lenses, cases, tripods and other accessories to increase the capability of your smart phone and open up new ways to photograph things, plus of course there are apps to do different things and add effects to your images and show them off to the world.


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