Film’s not dead….


Yes you read that right, Film’s not dead.

 Film cameras are making a bit of a comeback.  After years of the it can only be digital mentality, photographers are heading back to film cameras.   For some its the familiarity of working with a finite number of exposures, others its the ‘look’ of film in the finished work, some just want to have a little fun again, some do it because it is seen to be cool to be a film photographer, others want to try something they have never done or experienced before as a photographer.

It does seem like every couple of months the film makers announce they are discontinuing another couple of popular film emulsions, but 35mm, 120 roll, and even larger sheet film is still available pretty easily.

 There are also many many film cameras available still, ok a good 95% of them are second hand, but they are still out there and able to be used. Every thing from cheap Diana Lomography cameras through to high end medium format cameras such as Hasselblads, Bronicas and even Leica film cameras are almost desired now.

  Heck here at we still carry 35mm film in stock, and can get the larger format films as well.

Why, shoot film these days, yes it costs a lot per frame when you break it down, but having gotten back into film myself, there is something exciting and satisfying about the creative process of shooting a film, sending it off to get developed and seeing the results when they come back from the lab.

  Personally, i have my Olympus OM-D system that i use nearly every day and its perfect for what i do, but i also have a film camera system, but i dont have a 35mm system, i have a Medium Format camera system that i use occasionally when i get the desire to shoot film.

I was lucky enough that i was in the right place at the right time to get my Medium Format camera, but if you look around ebay, or if you are in NZ,  Trademe there are Medium format cameras available.
  I love my medium format camera it forces me to slow down and think about things because it has no light meter, no auto focus or automatic film advance. 

 It was funny to watch people at an airshow i recently attended, i was using my OM-D for most of the work, but had my now trusty Bronica S2a with me.  my process for taking a picture with my Bronny is take a light reading using my iPhone with light meter app, adjust the settings on the bronny, frame the pic using the waist level finder, focus, fire and wind on.  To the crowds who were using everything from Nikon Pro cameras to tablets and smart phones, this youngish guy shooting such an archaic camera was interesting, it also made me more aware of my surroundings as people would see me with my iPhone out, and take a reading they thought i was taking pics and try to push in front when i put the phone away.  But when i brought the bronny up, they got a shock.

When digital really took hold in the early 2000’s many predicted that by now film would be totally dead and couldnt be found anywhere, but thankfully it hasnt died the horrible death predicted, but seems to be making a renaissance which can only be good for the art of photography.


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