2015 and whats coming…


So 2015 is well and truly here and going strong.

In the Photographic world it will be interesting to see what happens, the latest data shows DSLR camera sales sliding down, mirrorless System cameras are gaining market share.

AMongst all manufacturers, the traditional DSLR powerhouses of Canon and Nikon have not made what many see as a serious effort to compete in the mirrorless market segment. Sure Nikon have their 1 series cameras, which are very good, but with a smaller than 4/3 format sensor, unique mount, are smaller than most and are comparitively expensive when compared to other systems.  Canon were even more curious with the EOS M, they are not a lot smaller than the baby DSLR range, yet use a  unique mount again, the M lens lineup is extremely limited, and to use EF lenses you need a bulky and expensive adapter which then defeats the advantages of a Mirrorless system.

As of today (February 5th) , both Canon and Nikon still obviously regard the mirrorless segment as a poor cousin that they do not really want to be seen playing with, but they still have a albeit tiny visibility in the market segment, where as Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Fujifilm and now even Samsung are doggedly chasing the Mirrorless market with new models, lenses, accessories for their systems.

Olympus are going to announce the replacement model to the highly successful OM-D E-M5 model, the feature set includes a sensor shift mode that allows the user to create images of 40 megapixels in one image by moving the sensor by the width of approx 1/2 a pixel for 8 or so images. Olympus have also announced new lenses for their Pro line, the new lenses will complement the already well loved 12-40mm f2.8 Pro and 40-150mm f2.8 Pro lenses.

Sony have taken to mirrorless system cameras like duck to water, and they are constantly innovating and trying new things with the Alpha line, Sony are so far the only company to put the full frame 36x24mm sensor into a compact system body with the awesome A7 lineup, and their APS-C models like the A6000, A5000 and others all perform with distinction, and with an ever expanding range of lenses to fit the Full frame cameras, it is rapidly becoming a very attractive system for people who shoot not only as serious amateurs, but also professionals wanting to be a bit more discrete who are also looking to reduce the size and weight of their kits.

Pentax, after the Ricoh takeover have been producing the same high quality gear they always have, but unlike the other DSLR producers, they have stuck to the APS-C format, and in the last 3-5 years they have also revived their brilliant 645 series medium format cameras that until the 645z, you were looking at the best part of 6 figures to invest in a system like Hassleblads H series or the Phase One/Mamyia systems. The Pentax 645z, gives a photographer who shoots landscape/weddings/fashion an option where you can build a pretty complete system under $25k

But for Pentax users Thursday 5th February 2015 will mark a new day in their history as, after many rumors and fakes, Ricoh officially announced that in 2015, Pentax will release to market a full frame DSLR. The yet to be named machine will be shown on display at the CP+ show soon but that is all Ricoh have said. Rumor sites, crystal ball gazers and pixel peepers have already started guessing what will be inside the body. Personally, i believe it will be somewhere around the 36mp range like the Nikon D810 and Sony A7II,  it will be weather sealed like the Pentax K-3, have movie recording, maybe even 4K video, possibly and articulated screen though that would be a first for a Pentax DSLR. Of course being a Pentax, all that gorgeous legacy glass will be compatible, so find those old A series and FA series lenses, get them serviced and get ready for the new beast

Fujifilm’s X system is also in a constant state of development with new bodies and lenses due during 2015 and beyond, the X system is rapidly becoming a favorite amongst many due to Fuji’s sensor tech and also their well loved Fujinon Glass

Panasonic will now doubt carry producing superb cameras in their Lumix G line, and the lenses are always well liked.

Compact cameras, well yeah, the high zoom models and big sensor cameras will still be around, but i do foresee that they are becoming dinosaur like and will be extinct before too long.

One area that might surprise people is the re-emergence of film, yes i think most who will shoot film in 2015 are the wannabe hipsters who are only shooting film because its seen to be ‘cool’ but not get what shooting film is all about and what it means or even the history behind the cameras they use. I have seen it wannabe hipsters who have been given a camera and do not understand how to use them and just shoot like a digital in shock horror an automatic mode!

Film will make a small comeback and be loved like it always has but its specialness will be lessened by the aforementioned hipsters.

Photography in 2015 is alive and well, and the cameras that will be behind the continuing popularity of photography will be varied by type, use, how we use them but its alive and well….


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