What’s Old is What’s new again


The last 6 months or so have seen some amazing technological progress in the photographic world, with cameras like Canon’s EOS 5Ds & 5DsR being released with a 35mm size 50 megapixel sensor, Sony’s A7R Mk II with its 42 megapixel sensor using BSI technology, the gear keeps getting better and better, almost to the detriment of the process of photography.

1948113_1050758324941984_520534573986488408_nI recently was linked this image on a social media site, that made me think a bit.

Thats about right by my count, now you take so many images to get a few good ones. Heck im guilty of it myself, i will take 1000 frames on my digital and be happy with 60 of them, yet with my Bronica S2a, i took a full roll on one afternoon and was happy with 8 of 12, why? Its because film you know you have a finite number of frames to use, so you take your time, and get it right before pushing the trigger.

And that leads to the title of this post, What’s old is what’s new again.

What exactly do i mean?  Well the answer is this. On our website http://www.southerncameras.co.nz, we recently added a new category, DARKROOM, yes we now source and sell darkroom gear, from tongs and developing trays to enlargers, print washers, with all the chems and papers for black and white printing.

Why, because we have been asked for it by customers who are looking for something with a little more soul than the current digital world, and film has that soul.

Also the hipsters are currently in love with shooting film, personally film has always been cool, and fantastic, its just myK1000 humble opinion that hipsters are out there with a look at me i shoot film because its ironic to shoot film in a digital age, most hipsters shoot 35mm SLRs and small cameras like the Olympus Trips, where as my film cameras that get used are my wonderful old Bronica S2a medium format SLR, and it will be joined by a Minolta 110 zoom SLR mk II and Pentax Auto 110 cameras.
I know film shooters who use cameras like Nikon AF35s Olympus Trip 35s etc, but many of these same people also shoot Medium format cameras like Pentax 645s, Bronica’s, & even a couple shooting Topcon Press or Horesman Press cameras.


Why do most of these guys & girls shoot film, its the process of it, the time to get reading rights, set the camera up and create the image.

Dont get me wrong, my Canon G9 and Olympus OM-D will see the bulk of my work, but the Film Cameras offer something else and a bit of variety. I am even working on adding film to my pro photo services as an option.

Film is not dead because thanks in part to hipsters and the desire to step away from a computer, Whats old is whats new again.


2 Responses to “What’s Old is What’s new again”

  1. You may be a tad cynical I think about getting only 6 good shots from 2,000 on digital. One might say the standard is higher now! But digital is a blessing – for me shooting fantails in flight would be virtually impossible with film because the darn little critters are so fast and so erratic that you have to “spray and pray” to have a realistic hope of getting anything! It has taken me approx 3-4 years to get TWO good in-flight in-focus shots – with film that never would have happened.
    The other side is to be much more prepared to hit the delete button when viewing the gigabytes downloaded!

    • I am definitely not cynical when it comes to 6 frames from 2000. The Spray and Pray method is exactly why 6 frames from 2000 is a reasonable number.
      I am of the school that you don’t delete, otherwise on reviewing images at a later date you pic something out of a previously missed or ignored image. The classic example of this is the image that appeared of Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, that one frame was because the photographer kept the image, and didnt delete it like every other photographer did at the time.

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