A Return to the old ways????


A serious question, and one that doesn’t really

Here at http://www.southerncameras.co.nz we have a huge, and i mean HUGE catalogue of items, everything from batteries to cameras with enough megapixels to create problems for all but the gruntiest computers.

PTP117But so far this year i have been surprised, our film sales, film processing and film related items have been going really well, not just last couple of years well, but 10 years ago well. And the most surprising thing about it, is that i have done a number or quotes for teaching institutions, both high school and tertiary to reactivate their darkrooms.

Yup thats right, we can even supply darkroom gear, from tongs to enlargers, and everything in between to set up, or rejuvinate a black and white darkroom.

I must admit that i am loving the film love thats out there at the moment, heck even the major motion picture studio’s are in on the film love. The latest Star Wars film, and the next couple in the sequence have been and will be shot on Kodak film stock, as a conglomerate of studios and directors including JJ Abrams, Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino are all behind the push.

Film stock is still the best way to preserve images, or motion pictures. Why is that? Because every few years you have to transfer digital files to a new storage medium and every time you do this you risk losing data or corrupting the files, yet negatives and film prints still remain even 100 years later.pop_pen_pen-ft

Why is film making a comeback, its hard to pin it down, but for many the process of shooting film is a big thing, i know it is for me. For example, i can take my OM-D to a one day motorsport event and shoot 2500 frames without thinking, why because it is so easy to push the shutter release and hold it down capturing 10fps for 10 seconds and boom there is 100 frames taken, and i generally carry nearly 100gb of storage on SD cards with me so i have 10,000 frames or so to shoot through a day.

Minolta_Dynax_9_Yet if i take my film cameras out to shoot, i might have 3 or 4 rolls of film, and sometimes if its a grab n go type thing i have 1 roll, so it can be anywhere from 12 – 96 frames so i make sure i have every thing right before i push the shutter release.

I read a really cool blog by a photographer who covered this years Daytona 500 NASCAR race using 2 film cameras and expired film,  he was credentialed fully by NASCAR, but no news outlet assignment so he shot 25 rolls of film over the course of the event and he found himself trying to check the images on the non-existent LCD, but overall the shooting experience has helped renew a passion (check the blog out here http://blog.chiplitherland.com/2016/02/29/expired-at-the-daytona-500/ )

I KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAthink that for many shooting film is a nostalgia trip, the memory of shooting like we did before digital, and finding the passion for photography we used to have before the instabook and snapbo revolution took over, and the hipsters who started using old film cameras because it was retro and hip and ironic have found the medium to be immensely satisfying,  the whole process of being more selective with what you capture, and the wait of getting it processed and returned, and for some, developing their own in a darkroom, make the effort worth it.

Will the current revival see a wholesale return to film, i doubt it, but it will keep film manufacturers happy, and keep popular film stocks in demand.Topconpress

Speaking of film, we have a wide range of film by classic brands such as Fujifilm and Ilford, and not so well known brands like Lomography in formats from regular 35mm and 120 roll film to 4×5 sheet and 110 cartridge films. Heck we can even supply new film cameras by Lomography from the baby 110 range to the Belair and LC-A 120’s, plus Pinhole cameras by Ilford for 4×5 sheet film.

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