Mobile Photography a changing perspective, the Intro


This is going to be a small series of posts,  because there is way to much to cover in just one post…

Im going to preface this post with a disclaimer, I have NEVER been a massive fan of using my mobile device as a replacement for a pocket camera. I would rather actually carry a small camera with me with a proper optical zoom and bigger than mobile sensor to take pics when out with friends, and don’t want to take my Micro 4/3 system camera..  Why, because the images are no doubt better than what comes off a mobile, even my 1yr old high end smart phone.

But for those of us like me who prefers a separate camera to a phone camera, the rise of the smart phone and camera phones has decimated the pocket camera market and few companies make the range of small pocket camera for everyday that there was 10 years ago before Apple launched the iPhone

Why have i decided to blog about an area i’m not 100% enthused about? Well simply because in the last couple of months ive left my pocket camera at home and used my phone, I can hear you all asking why??? Well the first thing is i can easily upload pics on the go to whatever social media i want to use, and my pocket camera is now OVER a decade old.. yes that is totally correct, my pocket camera is a 2004 model Olympus mju-mini/Stylus Verve with a whopping 4 megapixels combined with a 2x optical zoom lens. it uses the now obsolete XD picture card to store images,  Wifi was a pipe dream on a digital camera in 2004.

My smartphone, which is an Android device that is not made by the S company or generally one of the brands you find here in NZ easily, but outside of NZ it is a well known company.  The primary camera on it has 4mp but instead of a 1/2.5″ Sensor that my mju has it is a 1/3″ 4mp sensor, it has AF and an LED flash, sure the actual camera specs are so close to my camera that the big difference is my camera has a zoom lens, where the phone has everything else but…

Its so much easier to take pics and share them with my phone because its all on the phone, social media done! email, easy as.

With the changing of my mindset regarding using a small camera v my phone, there is a couple of big caveats with it. If i could find a nice small pocketable camera with wifi built in and in the right price range for me ( i don’t want to carry a $1000 sony RX100 Mk4 with me on a night out on the town) and a decent wifi app i would still rather carry a pocket camera.

I’ve started looking around at some of the camera apps for Android as its what my phone is, i am sure there are some nice iOS camera apps out there, but as i don’t use an iPhone i will be sticking to Android apps.

The sheer range of camera/photo apps available is overwhelming. In the FREE app section of the Google Play Store, i gave up looking after several hundred apps, and these range from simple camera apps that allow better selfies to  full on editing programs like Adobe Lightroom Mobile and video editing apps for the budding Hitchcock or Spielberg

The Paid app sections are just as bad and they can cost a pretty penny too!

Then there are the external accessories too, from selfie sticks and small clip on lenses, to lights and stabilizers there is an increasing amount coming out to make you phones camera more a camera with a phone attached than the other way around.

What does that mean for the mobile photographer/videographer, and almost limitless choice of apps and accessories to create and share images, videos and generally enjoy this ever evolving form of photography.

Over the series, i hopefully will delve into the still photography as well as making movies with a phone and editing.



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