Mobile Photography, A changing perspective.. Pt 2 The camera phone


Today is the second of my little series about the changing world of photography, and my changing perspective of ‘mobile photography’

The first part for me is definitely the device itself,  aka the smartphone or tablet. Yes ive seen people using their iPad or Galaxy Tab devices as cameras.

But lets start with a little history..

The first cell phones with cameras started to appear on the market in the early 2000’s in Japan,  by 2003 over half of all phones sold had a camera in them, and by 2006 Nokia was the biggest camera seller in the world with more Nokia phones with a camera sold than digital cameras.

Then in 2007 the whole scene changed again when Apple released the iPhone, and the Samsung Galaxy Android phones started to appear enmasse. The smartphone market made mobile photography even easier, with the ability to instantly upload images to the then  social media.

Since then we have seen the imaging side of smartphones evolve rapidly, with cameras gaining features like auto focus with face detection, LED flashes, and increasing resolution.

In my experience, sure the cameras may be gaining in resolution, but the sensor size has not increased so all those new pixels gotta go somewhere, how do they do it, they make them smaller, and pack them closer together, which means loss of sensitivity, and more noise because the signals are closer together.

Anyways… Enough tech stuff, the real point is how i find shooting pics using my phone.  I have 3 different camera apps on my phone, but generally use the stock standard app.. Sure there are no doubt better ones, that have more options and better controls but if im using my phone for pics i want it done fast and without too much thought, and if i want to i can upload to social media to share.  Will i print images from my phone, nope, never they just are not good enough for me to take the trouble to print.  If i am going somewhere and im likely to want to take pics to print,  i will take one of my proper cameras.

Sure there are millions of younger photographers who have only used phones for their photography because they only ever upload to social media like Facebook, Instagram, and others,  but as a retailer, i am also seeing those photographers go past what can be done with a smartphone, and want better images and move toward stand alone cameras.

Mobile Photography has most definitely changed the way many people take and share photos,  and with the rise of Instagram and Twitter, many people have become ‘celebrities’ because they have  figured out how to best promote themselves and now products for companies in the social media channels.


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