Lots of Action to think about!


One of the most popular market segments for cameras is the action camera market.. Everyone knows GoPro, the original small form factor video camera with the ultra wide angle lens, that seems to sponsor so many action sports athletes from surfers and snowboarders to rallycross and drifting.

For a long time, GoPro absolutely owned the market space, with even major actions sports/motor racing movies being filmed using them for onboard action footage.

But times are a changing in the market segment, and GoPro have gotten into a pattern of releasing a bunch of new models and each model has some features, that others don’t or a mix of features, but if you want everything you have to buy the top model, but then to get certain mounts you have to buy a certain model, or spend another bucket load of cash on the accessories you need.

2 major factors have changed this market segment.  The first change has been the rise of cheaper imitation cameras from China, that deliver pretty much all the same features and specs as the GP models,  but at a fraction of the cost, and come with most of the accessories you will need, and this has squeezed the bottom end of the GoPro lines., but also the big camera making companies have started to get into the action camera market.  Sony were the first with their Action Camera’s  that have taken straight aim at GoPro and their market levels, with cameras designed to go up against each price point GoPro set, and these cameras have generally delivered with high specs, quality output and Sony corporate backing and marketing.

Ricoh entered with the WG-M series which are excellent rugged little cameras that do not need massive housing etc to survive outdoors, delivering pretty nice footage quality at great prices.

Olympus who have always had tough cameras entered earlier in 2016 with the TG-Tracker.. this awesome little camera shoots 4K video at 30fps, has GPS built in, wifi that connects to a smartphone or other iOS or Android device and can be controlled from that device, but also the GPS logs your course, altitude, direction the camera is pointing, acceleration/speed AND is Waterproof to 30m and shockproof to 2.1m without a special housing , and all this for the price of a mid range GoPro!

and lastly, Nikon entered the market with the KeyMission Range, with cameras designed to be wearable, rugged, and the top model will also capture images with a 360 degree view!

These cameras are meant to be fun, and almost as rugged as a mountain goat,  many cameras come with some form of protective case, others like the Ricoh, Olympus TG range and Nikon KeyMissions have a fair amount of protection already within the camera’s body. and no doubt there will be accessory cases that will improve the ruggedness even more come on to the market.

Action cameras are definitely something that are more than just fun, especially with many now boasting such sophisticated specs, and the ability to deliver supremely high quality footage that can be used in production of videos. It is certainly an area of the imaging business that is hotter than ever and even the originators are either struggling, or gone.





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