An Open letter to lens manufacturers


To the R&D teams at Sigma, Tamron, Tokina and other Lens manufacturers.

I am writing with a request/plea that i am sure many others have made in the past when it comes to lenses for users of MILC systems like Micro 4/3, Sony E/FE & Fuji X systems.    WE NEED MORE ZOOM TYPE LENSES AND LARGE TELEPHOTO LENSES!

A little background about me,  I am a passionate sport & action photographer who uses a Micro 4/3 system as my primary tool, i have been toying with the idea of a brand swap, but to Sony FE system and not a Canon or Nikon DSLR system.  Yes i primarily shoot action and sport, and NO i do not want to go back to a DSLR, why?  Well, the primary thing is size and weight of a mirrorless system, my current micro 4/3 setup is a wide angle – short tele zoom. and a tele zoom of 75-300mm, and a small tele zoom of 45-150mm, between the 3 lenses, my 35mm equiv is 24-600mm, which body, lenses, and battery grip combine to weigh 1.6kg and its reasonably compact as well, which means to go and hike or ride a bike into the middle of a forest rally stage or if i am on an airfield for days at an airshow, mirrorless makes a lot easier to carry, and hold for long periods of time as i have back and shoulder issues that to carry a DSLR system that even goes to 600mm would be near agony by the end of the day.  I LOVE my MILC system, but there is one thing that annoys me, lack of lens options for sport, action & wildlife photographers.

To Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, you all produce lenses that are available for this type of photographer, BUT they are all only on legacy DSLR mounts..

Sigma, your Global vision lenses are amazing.

Tamron, your G2 lenses are also in the amazingly good class

and Tokina, you guys have been solid for years

But you have not spent any time to offer a decent selection of lenses for the Mirrorless class of cameras that have rapidly gained popularity in recent years for many users of these cameras we have been left out with new lens announcements from your respected and trusted brands as all of the large zoom/telephoto lenses are Canon, Nikon mount, with Pentax following up at a later date.

Sigma’s offerings for Sony E & micro 4/3 users to date have been pretty poor  in that you have produced 3 lenses to be available in these mounts, all have been wide angle or short primes! Yes you have announced 2 more lenses, but again they are wide angle primes!!!!!!!!   I WANT TELEPHOTO LENSES!!!

I can hear Sigma saying now… Sony users can use our MC-11 adapter with the global vision DSLR lenses..  I don’t want an adapted lens where there is more to fail… I and many others want NATIVE mounts for each… Heck Sigma, you are part of the 4/3 alliance group, AND you used to produce lenses for 4/3 system cameras… including the 50-500mm!

Tamron and Tokina, even worse, a single solitary lens offering from each of you…, Heck even Voigtlander have more lens options than Tamron, Tokina AND Sigma…

I know i want to see a 150-600mm, 100-400mm type lens to be available in Micro 4/3 or Sony E/FE and even Fuji X mounts simply to see more choice for users like myself as we are stuck with so few options its tough.  If a Micro 4/3 user wants a lens longer than 300mm, there is 1… yes ONE a single solitary offering in lenses over 300mm in focal length, and that is the Panasonic  Leica Vario Elmar DG 100-400mm f4-6.3, Sony users have the FE 100-400mm GM lens,  Fuji X users, again a SOLITARY option…

Sigma, Tamron, you both have 400mm + class lenses that i am damn sure that if you made available to Sony E, Micro 4/3 and Fuji X users would clammer for them with such vigour that the ridiculous prices for the solitary options for each group would be reduced rapidly..

I know there are many frustrated users out there wanting such lenses, i just hope other listen, and others join the chorus of hope


One Response to “An Open letter to lens manufacturers”

  1. 1 Wayne Lorimer

    Very passionately and well argued Hayden. I agree with you of course, although I would like to see the big 3 produce m43rd lenses in all focal lengths. Competition is healthy and will make sure prices are kept in check. Don’t know why they all havn’t released more?

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