The Big Hype (or Don’t believe the Hype)


We see in Photography a massive amount of hype surround product releases

The next amazing lens,  out of this world body,  must have system,  the web is abundant with web pages dedicated to rumors and innuendo about upcoming cameras, lenses, accessories and the next big thing in the imaging world.  Many times sitting here reading new announcements i wonder if all the hype is justified…

Sifting through all this ‘insider’ information and speculation can be tough, there are some very good sites dedicated to the rumor and innuendo about the latest and greatest gear, and their rating of such things from probably wrong to it may as well be announced officially creates much anticipation.

Should we believe the hype or ignore it when it comes to the vast rumor mill of the internet??

With Nikon announcing a few weeks back that they would officially announce the long rumored FF Mirrorless system on August 23rd, and began a series of teasers that have done nothing to hint at specs apart from its full frame, and a new lens mount that the current F mount will work with via an adapter…

This has caused Nikon fan sites to go crazy with rumors and speculation of what the specs on the cameras as Nikon have hinted at a double body release on the 23rd.

I have had a few chuckles about all this noise on the web about finally one of the big legacy companies are going to take Sony down in the FF mirrorless world.  I don’t think it will happen easily, the Sony FE range are fantastic cameras and a lens range that is constantly expanding and showing it is mature will still cause Nikon & Canon cause for concern that they will have to have bodies that are instantly mature and the need to get native lenses out for the system early and regularly to compete with the Alpha series.
Do i think hype around many products is justified, not really, after all, what gear suits one person may not suit everyone else.  While i have been intrigued by all these new models and have thought about upgrades myself, I havent fallen in to the trap of doing so much reading and watching of internet reviews/tests etc that i have HAD to rush out and buy the latest and greatest.

I will wait for the Nikon system to be announced, see the specs, what the lens road map will look like and most importantly what pricing will be to see if it will be a genuine contender.

The Hype game generates so much interest and fuels G.A.S. so much that many new models, especially if the spec’s and initial reviews are really positive can cause problems such as demand exceeding supply because pre-orders are so massive that planned production runs are totally exceeded, or  cause early release of a model that is not fully tested and consequently early adopters find many a problem that pre-release testing should find but is missed due to pressures on getting the new model out of the factory and into users hands.

It also creates a bad thing for companies when products are released to early to satisfy demand, look at Hasselblad and its to early release of the X1D, sure it was firmware updates that have fixed the issues, but  better testing and feedback from field testers should have picked this up instead of Social media and internet chat complaining that the AF is poor or bad battery life etc etc etc.

For me, i think of old school rappers Public Enemy…  “Don’t—
Don’t believe the hype”

2 Responses to “The Big Hype (or Don’t believe the Hype)”

  1. Hear hear! Couldn’t agree more. It’s just click-bait and revenue generation. This years ‘must have’ camera will suddenly become next years poor cousin. Why?
    I was intrigued (and a little bemused) by the Northrup’s recent ‘Mirrorless Wars’ video where they said stupid thinks like ‘Fuji doesn’t have a professional system’ and ‘Olympus will get left behind’ and then went on to suggest that Canon was one of the major players – and they haven’t even announced anything yet!!!! WTF???? Guess we know who pays their bills….

    • Amen Wayne, I do not respect Northrup’s opinions because unless it is Canon or Nikon it does not matter… Fuji lacking a professional system??? X-T2, X-H1, X-Pro 2, all cameras being used by pro’s, Micro 4/3 being used by pro’s Canon’s overpriced and out of date tech Mirrorless systems… Not used by many at all….

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