Some More Hype…. (and disappointment)


Following on from my last post about the hype that surrounded the Nikon Z system, Canon & Fujifilm have in the last few days released new models as well.

Canon have released their EOS R Mirrorless system, R for Revolution apparently, and on first glance at the specs it seemed ok… 30 Megapixel Full Frame Sensor with 500 of AF points, 4K/30 video,  UHS-II SD Card support,  28-70mm f2, 50mm f1.2, 35mm and 24-105mm lenses on launch plus the R-EF Adapter for using EF lenses… That unfortunately is where the excitement ended pretty rapidly for me.

The Camera sensor is actually the same 2+ year old sensor from the EOS 5D IV, with some new AF Points overlaid on the PDAF.  The 4K/30p video, uses a 1.8x CROP of the sensor to capture the video, so you loose all the advantages of the FF sensor, and drops the CODEC rate from 4:2:2 to 4:2:0 and even then that is only with an external recorder, not internally to the memory card! Video shooters will ‘love’ the fact that the 28-70mm f2 lens when shooting the cropped 4K video have a 50-126mm f2.6 lens NOT what the customer wanted when the lens is $3K USD
AND on the subject of video, where even the low end of camera makers systems like Panasonic’s Lumix G series cameras shoot 1080p at 120fps, the EOS R is 1080p/60fps to get 120fps you have to DROP the resolution to 720p  COME ON CANON its 2018 not 2014!

Heck even Olympus who are a video lightweight offer better 4K video on their models than what the EOS Regression uses…

For stills shooters, things are not all that fabulous either if you want to shoot a little action or movement,  The Continuous shooting using C-AF a HORRIBLE and 5 years ago ok 5fps, turn of the C-AF and it jumps to a ‘blistering’ 8fps.. again, not that great for a 2018 model camera

The other major thing missing is IBIS, In Body Image Stabilization, why Canon do not use it  I do not know,  i guess management are still of the opinion that IBIS is not good, Lens based still better and they are protecting all the EF IS lenses out there, when every, and I mean EVERY other major player in the photography game uses some form of IBIS in their cameras. Heck IBIS has been in DSLR Cameras since the mid noughties with Konica Minolta Dynax, Pentax & Olympus DSLR cameras, Sony pioneered it in Full frame cameras with the A900. Panasonic and now Nikon use it as well.  Panasonic & Olympus have taken the IBIS & Lens IS to the next level by using both Lens IS & IBIS together with certain lenses and bodies to gain even more…

To me the EOS R is Canon reacting to everyone else, releasing a camera that will appeal to some, while at the same time not offering what is available in their high end C series  or EOS 1Dx2 video product.

On the other hand, Fujifilm continue their constant improvement and innovation of their X series with the announcement of the X-T3, this companion model to the X-T2, sits below the X-H1 in the model range, but offers a NEW 26 megapixel, Backside Illuminated X-Trans CMOS sensor, and processor unit. This thing looks really really impressive, with 11fps with C-AF, and upto 30fps using the electronic shutter (although this does apply a 1.2x crop to the sensor) But for video shooters this looks AMAZING!  Full sensor 4K/60fps video with 10 bit readout in a 4:2:2 to the SD card AND External recorder via HDMI,  1080p/120fps, 5 Axis IBIS, and all the modern requirements including a headphone jack so audio recording can be heard while its happening and controlled!

Also the X-T3 will shoot stills at 11fps uncropped and uncompressed, or using an electronic shutter with a resolution reduction up to 30fps…

Fuji have taken the video side very seriously with this new model, and that should worry the likes of Canon, because Fujifilm make some damn good product, and if the X-T3 out performs the new EOS R and others it could be a very very handy camera.
Trust me, this is a seriously good looking camera, and tempting for me personally, as much as I LOVE my Micro 4/3 system,  this looks super impressive, though the downer for me is the price of the Fuji X lenses, while they constantly test and review well, they are expensive, for example, as a sports shooter, i need 300mm+ focal lengths, Fuji only has one lens longer than 300mm,  the XF 100-400mm, but it has an RRP of $3499.. Which by the time you add on a flash, battery grip, extra batteries, and say the 18-135mm lens, the kit is well up into FF territory against the likes of Sony’s A7III where Sony have a 70-300mm alternative that is about $1200 cheaper.

Fuji have a way to go to fill out their lens line, but the cameras look incredible!

This years Photokina is going to be interesting with a lot of rumors starting to fly around with what companies such as Panasonic, Pentax/Ricoh are going to unveil as well….

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