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Good times in the skies are wanting to happen, you have upgraded your basic 3 inch refractor to a bigger, heavier Cassegrain type scope with extra bits so you can see more and maybe even hook up your DSLR to it and try your hand at Astrophotography.   First thing you have done is attempt […]

Portrait photographs, taking pictures of people posing or doing things.  This has been a cornerstone of the art form since the first cameras were created in the early 1800’s. Portraits can be many things,  simple picture for a book cover, a group portrait for a sports team, through to glamour photographs. Many people find getting […]

I shoot a lot of different subjects, a heck of a lot of sport/action pics,  getting more and more events/portraits, and i even do a little architecture/landscape stuff. Shooting landscapes is a lot tougher than it sounds, there are a few variables to consider, lighting and weather conditions, the actual landscape itself, how do you […]

So you purchased a brand new DSLR or EVIL camera, you have been happily taking pics for a while now and everything has been going really well, so easy infact you are wondering why people get scared of such cameras.  Fast forward a little bit, and you have just downloaded a set of pictures from […]

I quite often get asked for tips on how to take photo’s, I do lots of action/sports photography, so i get asked how do i get the images i do. One of my biggest tips is have an interest in what you are photographing, its easier to get good images if you are interested in […]