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A first person review of Vangaurds VEO 265AB V1 & V2 tripod being used in the field. DISCLAIMER: This review has taken over a year,  and was accomplished using an example of the item reviewed that was on loan from the store i work at,, and completed using an example i purchased at retail prices.  […]

Yes that is true, another legendary photographic name is now consigned to the history books.. Bowens,  the studio lighting company that produced some amazing lighting systems for studio, and on site portrait/product photographers has been shuttered by its investment group a little more than 1 year after they purchased it, thus ending 94 years in […]

One of the most popular market segments for cameras is the action camera market.. Everyone knows GoPro, the original small form factor video camera with the ultra wide angle lens, that seems to sponsor so many action sports athletes from surfers and snowboarders to rallycross and drifting. For a long time, GoPro absolutely owned the […]

Ok, i had hoped to bring you a reasonable post by now about mobile editing apps, but the sheer volume of apps left me rather bewildered as to what apps to chose to try out.. As you can see here, this screenshot is the top 27 FREE apps on the google play store, and thats […]

Today is the second of my little series about the changing world of photography, and my changing perspective of ‘mobile photography’ The first part for me is definitely the device itself,  aka the smartphone or tablet. Yes ive seen people using their iPad or Galaxy Tab devices as cameras. But lets start with a little […]

I had the opportunity to spend the weekend shooting the Olympus m.Zuiko 40-150mm f2.8 PRO  lens with 1.4x Tele Converter. The lens was kindly loaned to me by a good customer after i was approached to take some photo’s at a field hockey event here in Dunedin on a Friday night, my m.Zuiko 75-300 would have […]

Even though its Spring heading for Summer here in NZ and down in the south where we are, it doesnt get dark until well after 9pm, Telescopes are an often looked at Christmas gift. Dunedin is lucky that we are a smallish city, and you do not have to go too far away from the […]

Following on from my last blog about whats old is new again,  we have a rather exciting piece of equipment in the store at the moment. We have for sale a 1953 Linhof Technika III 4×5 camera kit… It is in working condition, and yes you can even still buy 4×5 film!!! If you want […]

The last 6 months or so have seen some amazing technological progress in the photographic world, with cameras like Canon’s EOS 5Ds & 5DsR being released with a 35mm size 50 megapixel sensor, Sony’s A7R Mk II with its 42 megapixel sensor using BSI technology, the gear keeps getting better and better, almost to the […]

My last post was that 2015 will be an interesting year in the photographic world. Well its already thrown up some surprises like the new FF Pentax  DSLR, Amongst the hype of the Pentax K-FF and 2 new D-FA lenses being announced, Pentax quietly slipped out their K mount lens road map as well, and […]