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It’s Photokina time again, and like normal there are the highly anticipated/rumored/leaked product releases that get confirmed or not confirmed. This year one of the big rumors has been the announcement of new mirrorless medium format systems. Hasselblad startled most several months ago when they announced their new X1D-50 Mirrorless System.. This system has a body […]



Why is this article called Legacy, i will explain shortly, but first a little history…. Back in the day, when interchangable len s cameras became popular, they nearly all used a common 42mm screw thread, and cameras like the Leica III series or Kodak Retina’s                     […]

Ok so you want to use your home printer to print out some of those holiday pics for an album. First question is, do you have an inkjet printer or Multifunction at home? If yes, that is a big start, how many ink tanks does it hold?  many use multiple tanks, and some use as […]

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Shooting Movies with D-SLR cameras has revolutionized the film world. Cameras like Canon’s EOS 5D Mk II have made it affordable for movie makers on a less than tiny budget to get a camera that captures video in full High Defininition with variable frame rates and also the ability to change lenses for different scene […]



As part of our optic department here at Southern Cameras, we stock a range of binoculars and field scopes. We can also supply the range of bino’s from Leica, Swarovski, Steiner, Burris, Canon, Nikon and others. Our range covers sizes from purse pack to giant ones and prices from $90 (NZD) to buy a car […]

A Common question we often get asked by customers, especially customers who are moving into mirrorless or D-SLR cameras is ‘can i only use the same brand accessories such as lenses, flashes etc on my new camera?’     The simple answer to this is no. The long answer is no, there are many companies who […]