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Ok, i had hoped to bring you a reasonable post by now about mobile editing apps, but the sheer volume of apps left me rather bewildered as to what apps to chose to try out.. As you can see here, this screenshot is the top 27 FREE apps on the google play store, and thats […]

This is going to be a small series of posts,  because there is way to much to cover in just one post… Im going to preface this post with a disclaimer, I have NEVER been a massive fan of using my mobile device as a replacement for a pocket camera. I would rather actually carry […]

This is an interesting area of photography, its developing rapidly, and getting more interesting all the time. Mobile photography refers to using a mobile phone as a photographic device, when mobile phones started gaining cameras they were to put it simply, junk. I remember looking at pics from old phones and they just looked bad, […]

Having been a part of the retail photographic scene for over a decade, i have been through probably the biggest upheaval in the industry ever thanks to the digital revolution.  The current trend for photography, is the virtual  replacement of consumer digital cameras with ever improving mobile device cameras.   Cell phones have taken a huge […]