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We see in Photography a massive amount of hype surround product releases The next amazing lens,  out of this world body,  must have system,  the web is abundant with web pages dedicated to rumors and innuendo about upcoming cameras, lenses, accessories and the next big thing in the imaging world.  Many times sitting here reading […]

Part 2 of what to do is all about displaying images. From my experiences, 90% of digital photos never see the light of day, maybe a post of social media or a screen saver and thats it.  There are many ways to display digital images. Social media such as facebook are the prime places, but […]

I often get customers asking about what is the best way to store digital images, what program should they use to organise/edit photos, and whats the best way to print my pictures. I am going to tackle this one over a couple of posts as all those questions deserve an answer on their own. First […]