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To the R&D teams at Sigma, Tamron, Tokina and other Lens manufacturers. I am writing with a request/plea that i am sure many others have made in the past when it comes to lenses for users of MILC systems like Micro 4/3, Sony E/FE & Fuji X systems.    WE NEED MORE ZOOM TYPE LENSES […]

  Intro: Ok, you have made the decision to go and shoot film, now the question is what camera do i want to use??  This makes decisions rather tough, as there are so many different cameras out there that do so many things and so many legendary cameras.  Rephrase the question & it will help […]



Why is this article called Legacy, i will explain shortly, but first a little history…. Back in the day, when interchangable len s cameras became popular, they nearly all used a common 42mm screw thread, and cameras like the Leica III series or Kodak Retina’s                     […]



As part of our optic department here at Southern Cameras, we stock a range of binoculars and field scopes. We can also supply the range of bino’s from Leica, Swarovski, Steiner, Burris, Canon, Nikon and others. Our range covers sizes from purse pack to giant ones and prices from $90 (NZD) to buy a car […]