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To the R&D teams at Sigma, Tamron, Tokina and other Lens manufacturers. I am writing with a request/plea that i am sure many others have made in the past when it comes to lenses for users of MILC systems like Micro 4/3, Sony E/FE & Fuji X systems.    WE NEED MORE ZOOM TYPE LENSES […]

The Digital revolution has not only changed the way we take photographs, but also the way we capture, edit and view movies/videos. To shoot video 10-15 years ago, it was all recorded onto tape, and it required a heavy investment in equipment to do any editing. With the arrival of digital video cameras, tape was […]

A Common question we often get asked by customers, especially customers who are moving into mirrorless or D-SLR cameras is ‘can i only use the same brand accessories such as lenses, flashes etc on my new camera?’     The simple answer to this is no. The long answer is no, there are many companies who […]