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This is going to be a small series of posts,  because there is way to much to cover in just one post… Im going to preface this post with a disclaimer, I have NEVER been a massive fan of using my mobile device as a replacement for a pocket camera. I would rather actually carry […]


It is officially Winter here in NZ now, and for most its a time to hunker down inside and do inside things on the cold long nights we have in the South. I like to use this time to make sure all my printing is done. I print Albums, especially if they are projects or […]

People often observe my shooting and say/ask….  You have a DSLR camera, and your always taking pics you must be good, do you do pro work.   I more often than not reply with, i do the odd bit of pro work, but im not a full on pro.  One problem i see with the […]

Ok so you want to use your home printer to print out some of those holiday pics for an album. First question is, do you have an inkjet printer or Multifunction at home? If yes, that is a big start, how many ink tanks does it hold?  many use multiple tanks, and some use as […]

Part 2 of what to do is all about displaying images. From my experiences, 90% of digital photos never see the light of day, maybe a post of social media or a screen saver and thats it.  There are many ways to display digital images. Social media such as facebook are the prime places, but […]