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This is going to be a small series of posts, ┬ábecause there is way to much to cover in just one post… Im going to preface this post with a disclaimer, I have NEVER been a massive fan of using my mobile device as a replacement for a pocket camera. I would rather actually carry […]

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Shooting Movies with D-SLR cameras has revolutionized the film world. Cameras like Canon’s EOS 5D Mk II have made it affordable for movie makers on a less than tiny budget to get a camera that captures video in full High Defininition with variable frame rates and also the ability to change lenses for different scene […]

The Digital revolution has not only changed the way we take photographs, but also the way we capture, edit and view movies/videos. To shoot video 10-15 years ago, it was all recorded onto tape, and it required a heavy investment in equipment to do any editing. With the arrival of digital video cameras, tape was […]